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Update by user Feb 09, 2012

To pjwmx: Regarding your comment about the Australian gent knowing about Wolverine hiring EGA? That is an UNTRUE statement.

I have first hand information from him that he NEVER approved this and was totally UNAWARE that Wolverine hired Terry Barnhart!! I have had many emails from him since this has happened and he has said he received very little information on the theft of this Harley. Last I knew he never received the title for it either, and I sent it registered mail to Marisol myself. (last I knew).

I wanted you to be aware of this, I dont care what Matt and Marisol must have told you...apparently you have spoken to them and they told you THEIR version of the truth, these are the facts. I believe the Australian gent will have to have a Lawyer stateside if he is ever going to get this settled. I hope they all go to court to settle it fairly.

He deserves his money back regardless of all this bull@**#! Peace Out-Done.

Update by user Feb 09, 2012

In response to \'R\' comments. What the *** do you know about what happened regarding this theft?

Just because you were lucky enough to get your bikes back or some money for them, doesn\'t mean we all did!! Long story short is Australian guy hired WOLVERINE to transport this beautiful and rare bike! He didn\'t give any permission for them to hire EGA instead! When Wolverine farmed out the job to an UNINSURED transport company, then they became responsible for the end result.

I have posted no lies or misinformation, I posted WHAT HAPPENED. An attorney I talked to said the same thing- Wolverine is responsible for the hire, therefore the LOSS. Then they would need to go after EGA, Terry Barnhart, to recover THEIR money. I mean after all, they hired him so why should Australia be out??

I tried to inform the public on what happened here..they can use their best judgement. I was asked to help since Australian guy can get NO HELP from Wolverine or EGA!! Also, BEWARE ! Eagle Globe Anchor still has a website on his \"so called business\"!

He also got himself a brand new rig...Truck and trailer! I wonder how he managed that with\"NO INSURANCE\"? It looks like he covered his own ***, what about the people who got NOTHING??! He is a loser, rip off scammer!

Wolverine should have done their homework! Hey \'R\', what the *** does \"Grow UP\" mean anyway?? Your the one who sounds like the kindergartner!!

dumb**@! Peace out!

Original review posted by user Jan 07, 2012

BEWARE! This company, Matt and Marisol Gehman are the owners, were contracted to pick up my Harley and ship it to Australia.The man who bought my bike and hired them (Wolverine) lives in Australia. Wolverine hired another guy to actually pick it up from me in WI. They hired Eagle Globe & Anchor, a guy out of Michigan. He had NO Insurance and they didn't care. They sent him to get my bike and take it to CA to get it on a ship to Australia. Well on his way to CA he supposedly gets his ENTIRE rig stolen. Yup, truck, trailer and ALL OF THE BIKES WENT MISSING! Over a year later and the lying bastards still deny responsibility. The guy in Australia is out 12,600. He has hired a lawyer now and I will do all I can to help him!! Stay away from WOLVERINE! They are rip off scammers. Totally unprofessional amatures! I really think they were involved with stealing these expensive custom bikes!! Why else have they totally refused to help, communicate or settle this theft?? Every word of this is true! Stay away! I hope they are sued for every *** cent that bike was worth and more! What a bunch of crooked *** LOSERS! Do you have a similar story? Email me at We need proof/stories to bring charges against them. Please help by emailing me. I will then give you my contact info! Thank you. Juanita

If you were the owner of one/some of the bikes stolen while in the posession of Eagle Globe & Anchor, hired by Wolverine, PLEASE!! Email me! There were at least 7 other bikes on the trailer with mine and I cannot get any information from Wolverine! Nothing! I know there are more people who were ripped off and never paid for their losses! Let's stick together and get this company to pay for these stolen bikes. It is their responsibility to INSURE what they carry. Thank you.

1. Written by Juanita on January 7, 2012

I posted the story about the stolen Harley. If it is true that Wolverine has all of this Insurance then why haven't they taken responsibility for the stolen bikes, mine included? They are the people who farmed out the job to another guy, Terry Barnhart, of Eagle Globe and Anchor. It was Wolverines responsibility to insure that this guy whom THEY hired was covered to transport all of these bikes and an old collectors car too. After the theft neither of them would take responsibility for covering my bike(which had been purchased and paid for by an Australian gent). Wouldnt it be Wolverines place since THEY were hired for the job. They never even notified the Australian guy that they were going to farm out the job to an uninsured dude who had a truck and trailer. Every word of this is true. Just because you may have been lucky and didn't have damage to your bike OR WORSE YET you didnt get your bike ripped off doesn't mean it didn't happen! Matt and Marisol Gehmen never even sent the title from the bike to the Australian guy. He never rec'd it from them...I wonder what happened to that?? Missing bike AND title??? How convenient is that? I dont care about your good experience! All we know is about the BAD one!!! And it makes up for all the warm fuzzy ones! This is not over, and I hope they will be in court soon. We will post all reports to prove this story. Sorry for the strong words...but how would YOU feel if this happened to you? Juanita Any info on this theft? Please help!

Am I wrong in thinking that Wolverine should have to make this right? They did not get any proof of Insurance, they just went by his "word". This is what Marisol Gehman told me. Granted, Terry Barnhart is a liar, and had no insurance. But he was not hired by the buyer, Wolverine was. Therefore, when they hired him and he was a fraud it should be their job to get the bikes value replaced. Any opinions or legal advice??

2. Written by Juanita Everson on January 7, 2012

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Juanita, this is the ONE time I will address you regarding this matter. We could not do this shipment and I referred you and Eagle, Globe and Anchor to each other.

However I let you know he was a seperate company and communicated with your buyer. From there on, all coorespondence and coordinating of this shipment occurred between you and Terry. We only exchanged phone numbers for you both; you coordinate with him and gave him your address. At no time were you unaware that you were using a different company, as evidence in the BOL from Eagle, Globe and Anchor that you signed.

Because of this incident we no longer refer people to other companies. His truck and trailer were stolen while his insurance has lapsed. The police in MO found some people with the stolen bikes and I have no information beyond that. At no time were we involved with this theft, as you well know.

It is ridiculous for you to insinuate such a thing. Your buyer wired several thousands of dollars (over 30K) to us to purchase multiple bikes which our company purchased for him and shipped overseas with no issues. Whatever blame you are trying to deflect on us is misplaced. We can not control what choices criminals in MO make, or risk that Terry may have taken with his equipment and insurance.

And for the people posting claiming to be lawyers, we have a transportation lawyer and we are in fact not responsible for this loss.


You are so ridiculous...I have used this company several years now, and the lies you write are criminal. If you had a legitimate real legal standing then you would have no need to post on here. More so the police themselves would have gotten involved from the onset.

Your contradictions are amazing, they stole it and the title, then the other company stole it, then it was they who did not check insurance although they never had the bike or released the bike (that was you), you need legal advice in one post but previously claimed in another to have received obvious false advice from a "lawyer".

You may be interested to know that this company has worked with huge celebrities (and neighbors of mine), senators, FBI agents, DOT officers, comedians and appelate court judges in Texas (check their references)...if they were criminals then those people wouldn't ship with them.


It may interest you to know that the time to file notice of claim has expired, so no amount of legal advise can help now, but from what I've read it seems Eagle, Globe and Anchor would have been liable under Carmack. However it's all a mute point now.

IF what some of the other posters have written is true, and arrest have been made for these shipments, if you knew about the arrest and are accusing companies online of being involved without any evidence you may be liable for defamation. So definately hire a lawyer for yourself, and take his advice.

Finally any suit involving cargo loss or damage is limited by federal law to the actual value of property, nothing more can be collected in a lawsuit. For example carrier liability does not extend to loss of use, emotional distress, ect. This is a firmly set and upheld with legal precedent.

Hope my information helps you some. I am friends with a guy who suffered a loss in this situation. He was referred to Terry off a motorcycle web site forum. He decided not to sue Terry because quite frankly it's wasn't worth the cost. It's important to understand that winning a judgement and collecting on one are seperate. It is even more complex when parties are self employed. I wish you would have posted sooner, before the claim deadline ended and I maybe you and my friend could have joined cases, but even then it would have been costly with little reward.


Hey Atty, my husbands bike was on that trailer, we still have the BOL and it has Terry's company, Eagle, Globe and Anchor on it. He picked it up after wlverin referred him to us ( they also referred 2 other company's but Terry was way way way better priced and could get it sooner).

When the trailer full of bikes was lost Terry never even called to ask us for the VIN number, he asked his girlfriend to call and ask for him. He then stopped taking our calls. All of a sudden, Terry would only communicate with my husband through email, text or wevlrine. They actually found the bike and arrested someone, but even then Terry never called to let us know, a different broker that had clients involved had called the police department and learned some bikes were recovered and contacted us--I think he got our number from Terry.

It all seemed really suspicious.

I was told by the broker that he and other associates of Terry suspected him to because his truck and trailer were both found and his personal client's property wasnt stolen just property from clients that were referred to him by other people. We think the police may have missed some things with that investigation...anyway best of luck


I agree as posted on the tranport website they GUARANTEE to "Insure your bike from pick up to delivery to 15k" that is policy on transport and once picked up and bill or lading issued the bike becomes their sole responsibility. They should pay the value of the bike to the legal owner whatever country he may be in. Get me his info and I will gladly represent him.




PJWMX thank you for adding me to your prayer list. I was addressing my comments to the original poster and posting my experience with this matter.

Original Poster: I read your comments to me. What the *** do you mean what do I know about this matter! Obviously I know more than you as this happened to me. I am not posting for mysterious other guys as you claim to be. Yes you did post your lies and misinformation--no one not even the police ever suspected Wolvrne of stealing any bikes or titles. I personally spoke with the detective several times!!! I pressed charges against the guy who stole my bike. You so concernd with blaming someone how bout the guys who actually committed the crime and stole the bikes ***!!!! Your just spouting nonsense. Before my bike was recovered I spoke with a lawyer too and the company that picked up the bike and is on the Bill of Lading is responsible for the loss. No way an actual transportation lawyer told you different. I was going to sue Terry and then my bike got recovered.

YOU asked for people involved to post and I did. Just because you want to blame someone not involved doesn't mean its right or that your accusations are facts. Next time you direct your comments to me have some sense and know wtf youre talking about!! I've said my peace and I'm done! Your the a$$ that asked people to post and then you attack us for stating the truth. I think you just want money from anyone you think can give it to you even if they are not involved in this drama with Terry or Eagle globe and anchor! I won't give you the satisfaction of having the last word...I'll not check on your retarded post again. You want someone to post that was involved then let us! You want legal advice in one post and then claim you spoke with a lawyer....your own post contradict themselves and show your just guessing and saying what you think you know. I'm glad my bike was recovered, hope yours or whomevers gets back to you too. Don't address me again I want nothing to do with your ignorance. Peace out ***!


R, if your comments were directed to me I feel sorry for you on a number of levels. Everything I posted was the truth.

I probably had over 200 hours involved in researching this issue back in late 2010 up to the point of the bikes getting recovered - after that the only person I called was Terry at Eagle, Globe and Anchor Transportation to try to get him to pay me back. Prior to the bikes being recovered I spent lots of time talking to police, insurance companies, talking to Terry of Eagle, Globe & Anchor Transportation before he turned off his phones, talking with Matt at Wolverine, and talking to a number of other affected parties involved in this nightmare. I want Terry to pay me back for my loss but we both know that will likely never happen.

I have written off my loss and I continue to pray for Terry that some day he will do the right thing and apologize for misleading so many people and causing so many problems for everyone involved as a result of his bad decisions. I will add you to my prayer list also.


You may want to be careful with posting lies and misinformation. My bike was recovered and the guy who stole it was arrested.

I pressed charges. Other arrest have been made with regards to this incident. Wolverine informed me that they could not accomodate my shipping and put me in contact with Terry; granted I didn't feel I had much choice, but Terry told me he was insured up to the minute when everything was stolen and I needed a claim number. So Terry won't pay you so you want someone else to pay?

Not alot of people will pay 12K for a bike they never picked up or transported just because your a good client. Your campaign to solicit payment not owed by Wolverine by posting nonsense you know is not true is WRONG!!! Have you threatened to sue the people who actually stole the bikes (the police have their names and arrest record)? How about the company who had the bike and was transporting it (Terry is still working on Uship)?

How about the hotel where the bikes were stolen, their insurance covers the property.

I hate that I trusted Terry, and initially I was upset that Wolverine put me in contact with him, but it's not their fault he's an ***, a liar and people steal things in MO. How about you grow up.


I also had bikes on Eagle, Globe and Anchor Transportation's (EGA) truck that got stolen in Kansas City 9/2010 and I have intimate knowledge of what actually happened. Thankfully, those bikes that I had on EGA's truck that got stolen were recovered by the KC police department about a month later.

I know not all of the bikes got recovered however. I did hundreds of bike shipments with EGA over a number of years and never had a problem, they were DOT compliant and had cargo insurance for years. As it turned out EGA evidently got into financial trouble in 2010 and let their cargo insurance lapse and let their DOT authority expire shortly before their truck got stolen in KC. EGA is the problem in this situation, not Wolverine Transport.

I have done hundreds of shipments with Wolverine Transport over the years also and have never had a problem with them, they are fully DOT compliant and always have been. Regarding the case of the Australian gentleman's Harley that got stolen, Wolverine Transport had done a number of bike shipments for that customer in the past. Wolverine Transport evidently could not handle the Harley shipment and told the customer about another company that might be able to handle the shipment, that company was EGA. Remember, EGA was DOT compliant for years and carried cargo insurance for years until just prior to this shipment.

Wolverine Transport never took any payment at all from the Australian customer for this shipment, they simply provided the Australian customer with EGA's contact information and it was the Australian customers decision to go with EGA. Since Wolverine Transport had no financial interest or gain in this matter it is my opinion that they are not responsible for the loss. Unfortunately, EGA has since shut their phones off and their cargo insurance company is denying any claims because the policy had lapsed prior to the bikes being stolen. I am personally out over $1200 in storage, damage and shipping fees and have never received a dime from EGA either.

I know for a fact that Matt and Marisol at Wolverine Transport spent countless hours contacting the KC police, EGA's insurance company and trying to get EGA to pay the claim. I feel Wolverine Transport is not to blame in this matter so feel confident in using their service - I have for many years and will continue to do so.


OK, so the police were involved, but didn't arrest anyone. I think I understand now, you gave the bike to another company who said they were hired by another company and then the bike was stolen from the company you gave the bike to that did not have insurance...are you sure that second company was not lying in an attempt to steal the bike?

Did you check out the ID or insurance on anyone before giving over your bike to a stranger. It seems at the least, the guy who picked up the bike should be responsible for the loss. So you were the only one that ended up with money even though you gave the bike away to someone with no insurance who the buyer had not hired or told you to give the bike to. There seems like there's more to this than meets the eye.

I mean a mysteriously stolen bike, from a stranger and yet no insurance claims were made (perhaps because they would have investigated everyone)? Call me a conspiracy theorist but this all seems alittle fishy.


Hi Paul, I really wanted to clear up any misunderstanding. The Harley was still in my possesion.

Yes, I did sell it to a man from Australia. He paid me for it and that was all good. I was responsible for making sure the bike was safe until picked up by the company he hired, Wolverine Transport. Wolverine sent a different transport company to pick up the Harley to be transported to Cal.

to be shipped. They hired this guy and never verified his insurance. I did not know this. I was called by Eagle, Globe and Anchor.

He said he had been hired by Wolverine to pick up this bike. Yes, there was a police report filed, in Kansas City or wherever this happened! The bike was never recovered, Wolverine refused to take responsibility. Eagle Globe Anchor is a loser who would also do nothing, oh yeah, he had no insurance and Wolverine farmed out the job to him anyway!

Isnt it convenient for all that the bike is gone, title was never sent to Australia and noone takes responsibility for the "theft".?? Why do you sound so accusatory?? It happened just this way. Yes Paul, there are crooks in the world...and we found out the hard way.

Why do I think Wolverine may have been involved?? The way they handled this was totally irresponsible, shady, amaturish, no answers were given, they wont take any blame and they dont give a *** what happened!! What would you think if it was your bike?? I got my money for the Harley from the Australian guy who bought it.

I was involved because even though he was the new owner I felt I should help make sure he got the bike safe and sound. Wolverine and Eagle Globe Anchor are RIP OFFS!!!!!! This guy is out 12,600.00!

That is a fact! BEWARE!


Did you get any proof of that guys insurance? What did the police say?

Are they suspects or are you just saying you think they stole them? But I'm confused, you think they stole them but someone else had the bikes? You gave the bike to some one else and they had everything stolen, but the police didn't get involved? Your story is not making any sense.

It's not your bike but another unnamed Australian guy? You should start by filing a police report.


Why not file on their insurnance, they are a legal company. Their insurance will cover it.


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