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I had a horrible experience with this guy but at least I see I am not the only one. This guy is a hot headed nut job, he probable shouldn't even be on the road let alone driving a truck pulling a large trailer.

He doesn't keep to the schedule that he has set and constantly pushes it out. I can understand that when on the road things happen but he almost never called before the set date to let me know he wouldn't arrive. Ten days turned into three weeks and even on the day he did arrive it was later in the PM instead of early that morning which he promised. No call and when he did arrive and I went to ask what happened he lost it and started getting nasty and swearing.

I guess he put up a nice show for the neighbors though. Bike was in OK shape but missing some parts he took off because they were loose which I never got because of his temper tantrum. I was later told he would ship the parts but have yet to get them. If I do I will let this forum know but I don't think that is going to happen.

I understand the Wolverine part of the company name but the Logistics part is way off. Stay away, pay more if you have to but stay away from this guy!

Product or Service Mentioned: Wolverine Transport Transportation Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Hello Matthew Marti of Brooks, CT first off you didn’t pay for any of the transport, Elaine and Roch did. Your account is false, you were called 48 hours out and the day of arrival.

You came out of your house as I was unloading the bike and started yelling about sitting around all day waiting. I asked you multiple times to stop berating me and you would not. I’m never going to let someone yell at me constantly without defending myself. The loose mirror which was unscrewed at the time of pick up and wrapped up because the housing was loose was returned to the client who paid for the shipping.

Contact Elaine and Rich to verify as they are the clients and the ones who coordinated the return of the mirror with me. I told them I would deal with them directly as they are repeat customers. We were in CA and it made it easy to hand deliver it to them.

They wished me a Merry Christmas and hugged me goodbye...must be because I’m such a bad guy. I also didn’t fool your neighbors, they witnessed the only crazy one was you.

to Matt #1426848

Time for you and your wife to come to reality, you can't keep to the schedule that you yourself set, damage bikes and take advantage of customers. No need to take my word for it just look on this site here. Ouch!

to Matt #1588687

My shipment went well. Thank you so much Matt!!

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