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I had originally contacted Wolverine in April to transport my motorcycle from Las Vegas to PA. Matt responded and said it wouldn't be until the middle of May before they could get it.

After a couple of failed attempts with other shippers to get it sooner, I contacted Matt and told him mid-May would be fine. I was given May 12-18 as the pickup date. Due to prior dealings with some shady shippers I tried calling Matt around the 11th and left a message to make sure we were still on for the upcoming week. No returned phone call.

I then waited until May 15th and left another message. Nothing. I tried calling again the morning of the 16th and his voicemail box was full. I called later that afternoon and he clearly checked them or erased them because it was back up again.

I then emailed him on the evening of the 16th voicing my concern for him meeting his schedule. No response. Its now the 19th and I've arranged for another carrier to pick it up. The frustrating thing is that I'm not in a hurry.

A simple phone call or email to let me know he's behind and to let me know when he thinks he could get there is all that would have been necessary. But instead he chose not to communicate which is an inconvenience to not only me but the individual from whom he's picking it up as well. Unprofessional and disappointing.

I emailed him this afternoon to let him know I was going with another carrier and to see if he has the moral fortitude to return my deposit.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Carbondale, Illinois, United States #843729

I have almost similar experience with him. I called him and he promised to return the deposit.

7 months passed and nothing happens. I e-mailed Matt recently and still no-reply.

to Ali #851823

Post your real name.


Update: There was a medical emergency but once back contact was made and the deposit was refunded right away.

Eugene, Oregon, United States #817306

I paid in full. Same thing.

No answers mailbox full. I am in a hurry.

Have to be at new job. Next week.

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