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Use this shipper at your peril. Forget rude, how about voilently aggressive.

Check out youtube video Wolverine cycles. Use this shipper at your peril That is Matt the owner of Wolverine Cycles. He will be late, damage your bike, then threaten to kick your ***. Use his shitty micro fibre rag to scratch the *** out of your brand new bike.

Guy is total loser. Should not even have a license to driver let alone deliver bikes

Product or Service Mentioned: Wolverine Transport Owner.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you believe you can cuss him out and then put your hands on him and he is going to be ok with that then you are sorely mistaken. You whipped your phone out and changed your tone for the camera, but if someone believes this was the result of you asking not to have the bike dusted off then they are just as dumb as you.

I know Matt well enough to know you created this situation.

I am glad you admit on the video that you started this by putting your hands on him. The rag is especially bought “microfiber towel made for dusting and detailing vehicles”.

to Marisol #1422504


None of this would have ever happened if Matt you partner had not agreed to the request to ship the motorcycle. The image you have posted of bikes in a trailer and the images Matt sent me of bikes nicely spaced out with no chance of being damaged was not the service I received.

My bike was stuffed into a overloaded trailer (which I have images of). With other bikes stacked up against it. So it's no surprise it had some minor damage. The whole hand off experience was a very scary one for me.

I actually felt in fear of my life! To say I cussed out Matt and put my hands on him is also very contrived.

I had asked Matt at least 5 to 10 times to stop wiping down the motorcycle. Yes, I eventually said stop touching the *** bike, and if you watch the video my hand touches his wrist because I want him to stop wiping some old rag all over my brand new bike.

Which if you also watch the video he drops on the ground picks up and continues to wipe down the motorcycle. Guess what? micro fiber rags, if that is what it was are great at picking up dirt. Maybe that's why I have a big scratch across my screen now.

From the grit the rag picked up from the roadway, and who knows how many times it had be dropped before hand? Yes the video could be looked at as all one sided, but Matt also took his own video too. I won't be asking for any compensation, because to be honest I'm scared of Matt, and don't think any would be forthcoming. He mentioned if this was in Texas and I'm not 100% sure of his word's after that.

But I was very fearful he had a gun on him... Even now I'm still frighten of the repercussions of posting that youtube video. But thought others should know of my experience. Not sure why my bike was so dusty and dirty.

I know Matt had the bike for 21 days so most likely it got stored somewhere that was dusty. I could have cared less about the dust & dirt. I just did not want it all scratched up. I understand the reason for Matt wanting to clean the bike so he has video evidence of the bike so he can have proof of there being no damage.

But even then he states in his own words that a video could not have seen the damage to the turnsignal hand guard. Needless to say under the fear of violence. I signed your paperwork and removed myself from the situation. If you act with honesty and integrity in a business venture then these types of incidents would not happen.

Not sure if Matt was having a bad day. All I can say is that is was a very unpleasant episode for me, and I'm truly frighten of your partner. You can call me a ***, *** and all the other names that Matt insulted me with. I'm not sure why any paying customer would deserve that?

As far as this incident is concerned I'm over it now. I was very upset when I post this review.

But in the end it's just a motorcycle, and I had dealing with a not so nice business person. Next time I will do some research first before choosing a bike shipper.

to Steve K #1422710

First of all IF the underhand of the bike hand guard had been cracked in transport due to rubbing against the wall (as you insinuated) then the outer side would show scratches/ wear. You can’t on one hand claim so much friction cracked the underside and left the side in contact with the imagined wall pristine.

More importantly the bike was never against the trailer wall nor are bikes ever stacked against each other. Each bike has a wheel chock space and is seperately strapped. The videos we take are of the exterior of the bike, not the underbelly or inside of hand guards. Those are parts that aren’t ever in contact with anything during transport.

We are not new to moving motorcycles and know how to transport a bike properly. You were told to examine the bike in detail before signing the paperwork. We are from Texas but at not time did Matt or anyone in our company threaten you with a gun or the threat of a gun or make any mention of a gun. When Matt arrived you were upset that the route changed due to the weather and your bike delivery was delayed.

So you began cussing at him in the course of complaining THEN after you put your hands on him he yelled at you. That is when you got scared and brought out your phone and started taping. I do believe you were scared, as you are not accustomed to being around a man you can’t just push or berate because you’re upset about your bike being late. Your part of the country had winter weather and snow last week (which it doesn’t deal well with), so the truck delivered to regions that were safe and then came to your zone.

I fully believe Matt’s account because even now when you’re “over it” you can’t resist using **** curse words.

Mr. Kelley, personally if I worked in a field dealing with lawyers, like the one you work in, I would want to remove myself from online drama.

to Marisol #1588597

Funny how Matt can't speak for himself .... This is the same RUDE B*#&! That responded to me in my emails ...

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